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Bria Lancaster - Daughter, Mother, and Entrepreneur


In the summer of 2018, Bria established Be Better Brand after giving birth to her baby boy, Aubre. Eager to generate a  greater source of  income for her and her son, keep busy, and fuel creativity as a new mom, she often thought to herself “hey, why not start a business?”


Without any certification in design nor technology, Bria put her creative and technological skills to the test. Be Better Brand was developed through trial and error, dedication, and persistence. Soon she would design YouTube banners, logos, flyers, and much more. On the contrary, entrepreneurship was not an intangible goal for Bria.   


Entrepreneurship and advertising came natural for Bria. In fact, her family owns The Facts Newspaper (1951-present), a Black owned publication in Seattle, WA. Bria grew-up witnessing her family substance proprietorship, community, and family; instilling in her the confidence to do the same! 


Bria knew that the best way to create connection was through social media. Initially, she would occasionally post mock-up business cards, outlines, and graphics. She quickly fell in love with bringing other’s visions to life, as well as doing what she loves. Be Better Brand grew from a desire to create another outlet and stream of income.  Summer of 2018 Bria found herself creating business cards, logos, and graphics for local businesses throughout the Seattle area.


Later that summer, Bria established partnerships with various non-profits in the Pacific Northwest. Since 2018, the Be Better Brand has expanded rapidly! Check out a list of services on our SHOP page. 

Be Better Brand guarantees quick turn around times and quality work. Come get BRANDED today! 


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