Ideas for marketing your local business

Local business benefits from improvements in the way that the major search engines index and distribute content. Take a look at some of the best ideas for marketing a local business based upon this knowledge.

– Localize keywords.

As you write content for your business online, focus the keywords on your local area. This is a much better strategy than competing for general keywords, most of which have already been snatched up by companies with deep pockets. Avoid this fruitless battle by picking longer phrases. You will get the attention of people who are closer to you and more likely to actually make a purchase.

– Create an online persona.

People come back to websites that have a unique voice. If you are funny, be funny online. If you are serious and technically inclined, be that as well. Give yourself the advantage by relaying a real personality on your website. People will come back for more just because of your perspective.

– Make all citations exact.

The major search engines have a much easier time indexing your online listings if your citations are exactly the same. Do not abbreviate any words, and do not substitute words for each other like “apartment” for “suite.” Keep everything exact.

Use a local number that corresponds to the zip code that your physical storefront is in. Believe it or not, the major search engines can match your area code to your zip code. You can list an 800 number, but make sure there is a local number as well. This improves your local rankings, which will improve your global rankings.

– Solicit reviews in exchange for promo gifts.

Google uses Yelp as part of its ranking algorithm. This means that if your business gets good reviews on Yelp, it will rise in Google search rankings, improving its visibility. Help yourself by actively soliciting reviews from customers that you know you serviced well. They will be happy to help, and you get more visibility from the effort!

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